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Check out some of our recent projects below:

Radiant Heating

Basement Infloor Heating System - York

Infloor Heating - House

Infloor Heating System - Greenhouse

Infloor Heating for Large Commercial Areas

Infloor Heating for a temple with high ceilings Etobicoke

New 3 Storey Urban Home
A home which was recently built in place of a much older house, can be found on Manning Street (at College Street) in downtown Toronto. This 3 storey residence is occupied by a family of taste and with an outlook for the future.

This entire home is heated with Radiant Floor Heating. Therefore, in the winter, be it wood, tile or marble floor that one walks onto, there will be no drafts or cold spots to remind you of the weather outside.

10,000 sq foot Victorian Custom Home
Heres a residential masterpiece. This new home is built on hand-picked quality where building experience and art converge. From the foundation to the last trim, it is a delicately assembled collection of systems.

Silvan Mechanical implemented two systems: Radiant Heating & Snow Melting systems. The heating plant, boiler, for this 10,000 sq foot home services the infloor, domestic hot water and the swimming pool.

Country Home
Such peaceful grounds as these, in Gormley, are often coveted by city folks. For those that live here, you needn't be told, the weather is harsh and can put your home to the test.

This home is newly built. It runs a radiant heating system to support it through the winter. A home in the classic style of country, this residence represents the perfect project for infloor heating. The comfort, reliability and fuel efficiency of infloor heating means no mid-winter calls, blackouts or cold spots.

Snow Melting

Snow Melting System - Downtown Toronto Hotel

Snow Melting for Loading area in Etobicoke

Snow Free walkway for seniors house Columbus Centre Toronto

Snow Melting for Stone Driveway

Limestone Driveway
Living at the beaches east of Toronto can be a challenge in the winter. Active winds means harsher cold temperatures during snow falls. The frozen pavement and driveways can be a nuisance. Given the sloped landscape of many residences, such as this one, home owners resort to snowmelting systems.

The melting system, in this case, works best at compensating for those high winds and "melting as it falls", never letting snow accumulate.

All Paved Grounds - Victorian Home
This lake front home will face chilly winds in the winter. The patio, driveways and pathways around the house are ready for the challenge. Alternatively, imagine the patio facing the lake in a brisk spring morning. The stone, subtly warm, perfect for your feet. The snow melting system just became a patio floor warming system.

Asphalt Ramp to Underground Parking
If you've ever driven up a paved ramp, on black ice, with a car not equipped for a Canadian winter, then you can attest to the challenge. Snow melting solves that problem.

Beyond the obvious, snowmelting also benefits the maintenance of the pavement: Stone or interlock are often damaged by other methods of snow removal.

Car Ramp - BMW Dealership
Back in January, Toronto experienced another big snow storm. At one point, traffic on major city street came to a halt, with many vehicles not even being able to make a simple lane change.

At the same time, the Parkview BMW Dealership experienced its first season in operation. A beautiful building overlooking the park on Leslie & Eglinton. Parkview runs a service ramp that is snow melted. This system allowed their vehicles to move around in an otherwise tough environment, as it became obvious when the cars attempted to run up unmelted ramps.