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Heating & Snow Melting

What is Radiant Floor Heating?
Radiant heat enhances comfort because radiant systems warm the floor and the objects in the room. This prevents your body from losing heat to cold objects in the room. This is due to the scientific fact that heat energy is always drawn to cold objects. When we stand on a cold floor or next to a cold wall, we feel cold. This has nothing to do with the air temperature and everything to do with the fact that heat is being lost from our bodies to warm up the cold objects around us. This heat loss is controlled with radiant heating.

What temperature does it take for us to feel comfortable?
Do you know that if your feet are at warm and your head is at cool, you will feel perfectly comfortable?

If you look at forced air heat, we are heating our living space from the ceiling down to the floor because warm air rises. This means to get our feet moderately comfortable, the temperature at the ceiling may wind up very high. It takes a significant amount of energy to create and maintain that comfortable temperature at our feet in a forced air system.

With radiant heat, we switch that temperature profile around. The entire floor becomes the radiator. The temperature at the floor level is at that comfortable range while the temperature at our head is lower but still at a very comfortable temperature. The heat radiates up from the floor, warming all the objects in the room. Everything in the room will gain a nice, warm, comfortable feel to it. Even your bare feet propped up on the table will be comfortable from the warmed coffee table surface. The amount of energy required to create and maintain this comfortable temperature at our feet is significantly less than compared to forced air.

What makes Radiant Floor Heating so comfortable?
With Radiant Floor Heating, heat is kept where it is needed at the floor. This keeps you more comfortable (even at a lower temperature setting) because when your feet are warm, you feel warmer. Also Radiant Floor Heating reduces thermal discomforts due to drafts. The heat distribution in a room is optimal when the temperature is higher at the feet than at the head level.

What is a Snow Melting System?
Snow removal is a time-consuming and often costly task. A necessary evil. For our elderly and handicapped community it's a real hassle, maybe even dangerous. It's time to make snow removal easy.

Traditional methods of snow removal, such as shoveling and salting are costly, messy, and labor-intensive. But Silvan Mechanical Enterprises offers a superior alternative with a snow-melting system. In the Silvan Mechanical snow-melting system warm water circulates through durable crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing embedded in concrete, turf, asphalt, or sandbed. The warmth from the water warms the surface to a temperature that melts snow and ice on contact.

The Silvan Mechanical snow and ice melting system provides a simple, weather responsive, economic and fully automatic solution for snow melt. Our systems circulate warm water through PEX tubing buried in the ground. This makes the worry and inconvenience of snow and ice removal a thing of winters past!