130 Industry St.
Toronto M6M 5G3

About Silvan Mechanical Enterprises
Silvan Mechanical Enterprises brings to you 25 years in the industry. Our business is Plumbing and, the ever-growing, Radiant Heating.

Who we are
Silvan Mechanical is a Family owned Heating & Plumbing company with over 25 years of experience.

How are we Governed?
Aside from the controlling bodies in the industry, Silvan Mechanical Enterprises is compelled to do business with a family minded conscience. Our company is our name and we hold it in the utmost regard. Thus we take your system and ask: Would it be good enough for our family?

How are we organized?
As a family business there is an inherant passion and commitment to our work that cannot be bought. Silvan is structured to build that quality into every system. Experience; Technical Know-how; Proprietary vertical resources; key expertise at our fingertips

Our Mission
To uphold Service through Aptitude and Integrity. To embrace the Client's vision and deliver. The extraordinary is not impossible.